Face Your Fears and Make Changes For Life

There is no argument living a life struggling with obesity is constraining, frustrating and and limiting. It can and frequently does, lead to serious diseases of the heart, liver and kidney and often times diabetes. What if there’s a way out? What if you don’t need to live with the guilt and embarrassment and shame of being obese any longer?

The B+ Diet is a testament of someone who lived most of her adult life with obesity and her victory over it. The book will make you laugh and make you cry… but most of all it will bring you hope.

By helping find new ways to overcome choices which don’t support your weight loss goals is where the B+ Diet focuses. It will help you unlock the doors which lead to the life you wish you could live. It will help you become strong and powerful over the temptations and stumbling blocks which have held you back.

Let Judi’s lessons guide you to a life freedom.

“Judi Finneran takes us on a journey few have traversed to its end point: weight loss that lasts. With insight that only someone who’s been there can have, she offers her experience, guidance, and support on every page.”

~ Victoria Moran, author of The Love-Powered Diet, Fit from Within, and Main Street Vegan

The B+ Diet is available now

Judi Finneran

Judi Finneran is a healthy lifestyle and weight loss coach, author and speaker.

She is passionate about supporting others in discovering how to overcome obesity and live a healthy life at their ideal weight.

From speaking to one on one coaching, Judi can help you overcome those obstacles which have been holding you back.

Copyright 2021 – Judi Finneran

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