Turn your weight loss journey into a business

Why did I become a coach when I weighed 320 pounds?

I knew if I was a coach I would become more accountable to myself on my journey to release 200 pounds of unhealthy weight. I had reached the point where I had just given up on ever being at my goal weight. The day I became a coach I gave up on giving up. I made a commitment to myself and to supporting others on the same journey. My path has had many ups and downs, lots of disappointments and many successes. Never however did I give up or quit. And I discovered I loved supporting others on their journey which in turn supported me. Win Win all around.

If you think you might want to be a coach, there are only 2 things you need:

1. You need to care about your own personal health.
2. You need to want to support others.

If this sound like something you would have an interest in doing, email me HERE or MESSAGE me to set up a time to chat. Or you can sign up to become a coach HERE.  I would love you to be a coach on my team.

You can do it!

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