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It Is Not Just About the Scale!

Huge and so much fun Non Scale Victory today! As the renovation continues on the house, we keep eliminating stuff. The back bedroom walk-in closet is in progress right now. It has always been the “holding area” for all my too small clothes I had never given up on getting into again. Over the last 15 months with my weight loss many have fit and been under-grown. Many fit and I did not like and just gave away. Getting down to the nitty gritty stuff which were from when I was at my goal weight or within 30-40 pounds of it.

This morning I got brave and decided to try on shorts hanging there. About 8 pairs are still too small and hung in descending size order to try on again next month. Of the rest 18 pairs actually fit!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t even believe it. Of those 2 were too short and are getting donated. The others are all going into my closet and many will be great for my upcoming trip to where it is already hot.

Even though my weight loss has slowed down dramatically as I get closer to my goal, the daily wins are amazing. Committing to be coachable and focus on my goals instead in instant gratification on a daily basis has completely changed my life. I feel 20 years younger than I did 16 months ago.
When I began 2BVegan Success 15 months and 10 days ago, I did not dream I would be only less than 40 pounds from my goal today. However I did know, trusted and believed if I just did what I said I was going to do every day I would be successful. I am going to reach my goal. I am going to maintain my healthy weight forever. NO MORE Queen of the Weight Lost and Found Department for me.

When you are ready to make it happen, I would love the opportunity to support you and being your cheerleader and your tush kicker. Message me if you are ready to join me on this journey. Let’s do it!

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