It Is Not Just About the Scale!

Losing weight is not always linear and while we are always happy to see the number go down, it is not our only measure of success.

I encourage you to focus on what are called non scale victories. Examples are not needing a seat belt extender on an airplane, fitting into previous too small clothes, losing inches, being able to cross your legs and the list goes on. Watch for them and celebrate every single one.

Two year ago, after a flood, we renovate out whole house. One of the great things about it is we eliminated and got rid of lots of “stuff.” The back bedroom walk-in closet had always been the “holding area” for all my too small clothes I had never given up on getting into again. I decided to sort all of them from the largest size and down. As I lost weight and tried them on and they fit I made a decision to keep or not. Just because it fit, did not mean I had to keep it. If I would not buy it today or it did not make me happy, I donated it. What a feeling of freedom.

Daily wins of non-scale victories are amazing. Committing to be coachable and focus on my goals instead in instant gratification on a daily basis completely changed my life. I now feel better than I did 30 years ago and that is one of the best non-scale victories of all!

When I began 2BVegan Success 3+ year ago, I did not dream I would be at my goal today. However I did know, trusted and believed if I just did what I said I was going to do every day I would be successful. I have been maintaining my healthy weight for over a year. NO MORE Queen of the Weight Lost and Found Department for me.

When you are ready to make it happen, I would love the opportunity to support you and being your cheerleader and your tush kicker. Message me if you are ready to join me on this journey. Let’s do it!

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